About Cariot

The Online Store for Car Buyers

Cariot is a one-stop destination for buying pre-owned cars online in India. We are a team of dedicated professionals making car purchases quick and easy like never before. We have partnered with multiple classified platforms and various seller networks across India to source the best cars for value-for-money car explorers like you.

How do cars make it to Cariot?

Only the finest ones do!!

We select the best cars

We have a network of sellers and multiple classified platforms spanned across 40+ cities in India. Out of which, we select the best ones for you

Quality Check & Inspection

Once we select the cars, we go through a series of Quality Assurance Procedures. Only once we’re satisfied with  the checks, we select the car.

Documents Check

Once the car is selected, the documents are checked and verified so that the car is checked in advanced for its genuineness.

Add it to the Online Store

Huh - the final step! Once we select the car through these processes, we add it to the licensed platforms - where people like you can find their dream car easily.

Get the Car Running!

Once you finalize your choice, we provide you with the best price and finance options. Now - it’s your call. If you say YES, the car is yours.

Why Choose Cariot?

Hmm, It’s easy to buy here

Quick Service

Hassle-haggle free process

Choose from thousands of cars

12 Months Warranty absolutely-free

Quick Loan & Finance options

Convenience Delivered

7-day return, 100% refund

Quality Promise

Corporate Office

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.